best sugar daddy website

There are many dating sites for sugar daddies searching for a sugar baby to dote on. Most sugar daddies will spoil their sugar babies with gifts, traveling or cash. We all know that. But then the question for men is that what are the benefits of having a sugar baby for men?

Disclaimer: A sugar baby is not an escort

It is a common misconception to think that a sugar baby is essentially an escort. Even Google, Facebook, and other advertising platforms don’t allow sugar dating websites to advertise themselves because they are deemed to promote compensated sex. But the reality is that sex is not the only thing that sugar babies give in return for the gift or money they receive. We have a good blog post about this topic HERE.

Got it. So what are the benefits of having a sugar baby?

Men give the sugar baby experience a try for a wide variety of good reasons. If you are a man please read on becase you may want to have a cute sugar baby before you reach the end of the post 😉 And if you are a woman, also please read on so you know what’s going in in men’s head!


Well, I said sugar babies are not escorts, but I did not. They will not have sex with you. Sex can be received in many different ways. For example, some women on My Secret Babe are glad to meet guys in a Pay Per Meet (PPM) mode.. This is a good model (although we do not encourage it) for when you do not know each other and avoid being screwed over. The good news is that this type of sex is normally much cheaper and has a much higher quality when compared to the sex provided by a hooker.

Majority of the sugar babies I have seen myself either on My Secret Babe or on other websites wish to date an older man. A proper dating I mean. However they also want to receive benefits, including money or gifts, in that relationship.


Companionship also has a variety of forms. Some high-end sugar daddies who are C-level managers or own a successful business tend to travel for work or attend business events. They may want to have a young cute woman with them when they travel. Or even show off with a young and hot woman when they turn up in a networking event. In such cases, you can have a sugar baby who joins you when you need companionship.

There are also other forms of companionship that can be both online and offline. Some men are divorced or widowed and need to talk to someone nice. They are happy to spoil a caring girl who listens to them or spends time with them.

Even married men who have spent years in loveless, sexless lonely marriages may take great benefits from having a sugar baby. A sugar baby can help you regain your confidence and feel young and loved again.

No Strings Attached

When I was a sugar daddy myself, I was focused on building a couple of businesses, so I really did not want to have to go out regularly and be emotionally engaged in anything. So the sugar baby thing worked out quite well for me. Likewise, when a man is too busy or married, they may want to have some fun without being worried about their house being wrecked. They can have a sugar baby and meet them as they desire.

Full control

Whether you have a sugar baby for sex or for companionship you have full control on what goes on between you and that woman. If you do it right there will not be any dramas or hurt feelings.