M4V is a video file format that is developed by Apple and is used on Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. The format is primarily used on video contents purchased on iTunes because M4V can include DRM Copy Protection information in it that is used to prevent unauthorised copies.

You can learn more about M4V format HERE.

As of iOs 11 iPhone mobile/cell phones. use M4V format to record videos by default. This format, due to its copyright protection features, cannot be converted to other formats and so if you upload this video format into your My Secret Babe profile we will not be able to process it.

To overcome this issue you can (temporarily) change the default file format of your camera, and re-record your Verification Video before you upload it into your My Secret Babe profile.

To do that, follow the below steps on your iPhone or iPad:

1- Go to Settings

iPhone Settings
Settings Icon

2- Find the “Camera” item using the search bar. In the image below, the camera app is the third item from the top.

iPhone's Camera Settings
Finding Camera in Settings

3- Tap on the “Camera” item, then choose “Formats”

Formats Option

4- Once you have tapped on “Formats”, you will see two options as below:

If “Most Compatible” is not already selected, tap on “Most Compatible” and make it the default option.

Change iPhone Default Video Format
Choose the Most Compatible option

At this point you can back to your camera app and record a new (verification) video of yourself, and upload it to your My Secret Babe profile.

You can revert the above process if you wish to use the High Efficiency mode on your camera app.