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If you are a woman who is thinking of becoming a sugar baby, you may be wondering what it actually is about and what sugar daddies are actually looking for in a sugar baby?

I have said this in some of the other blog posts that I used to be a (young) sugar daddy myself. So I can tell you firsthand that why some guys look for sugar babies.

Guys are not stupid. Well, at least not all of them!

Before we dive into the world of sugar daddies and see what’s going on there, you have to know that guys are not stupid, especially when dealing with women. And especially those who have been so smart that they have a good income, they have sugar babies.

When on a good sugar baby website, you are dealing with men who have their lives together, and most likely, they are experienced with pretty women. So forget about those guys you happen to meet in nightclubs. There is no alcohol involved here. You have to be able to impress.

Things sugar daddies look for

A decade ago, sugar daddies were older guys (in the late fifties) who were filthy rich and wanted to have hot sugar babies because why not! But now things have changed. You most likely have seen young guys driving nice cars in town. The advent of new technologies has enabled many guys and women to become entrepreneurs and make good money for small online businesses. I bought my Mercedes Benz when I was 33. Many other guys get to that point much sooner.

This means that being a sugar baby isn’t only about chatting to a lonely old guy and then ask for a money transfer over the Internet. Those times are long gone.

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Here are what guys look for when they give sugar dating a go

Hanging out with a hot bird

When you drive a Porsche, a Benz, or a Lambo around the town, you want to have a hot chick in it too. Well, not all guys can get a hot woman easily unless they increase their value with some offerings. That was pretty much why I became a sugar daddy myself. I was a perfect 6, but I wanted a perfect 10. So I got a sugar baby to myself 😉

Sex, but not with a prostitute

Many younger guys want to have sex, especially with young and pretty women. But they don’t feel like having sex with hookers. Having a bit of banter and connection with someone, even if based on some arrangements, makes sex much better.

For that reason, some men go for having a sugar baby who can meet them regularly and do other things like dinner dates.

Mid-life crisis and a boring marriage

Some men reach a point when kids have grown up, and the married life has lost its excitement. Many of these men like their lives and their wives, but they also like sex and spending time with some hot girls.

Some of these young-hearted guys get a sugar daddy, so they have a weekly date and have a few sexy times in a No Strings Attached manner.

Sugar Baby for Business

Commonly, some men travel a lot for business reasons. Some also tend to attend events in other cities, so they fancy having a companion for their business trips and meetings.

Sometimes it’s for increasing their status and show off, and sometimes to spice up their business trip.

Sugar Baby for loneliness

One of our users is a lovely 78-year-old man who has recently lost his wife. He has joined My Secret Babe to chat with girls and distract himself from the tragedy in his life. Expect meeting some older guys like this, and make sure you respect them fully!

Clearing the expectations is key for Sugar Dating.

Regardless of why you want to have a sugar daddy or why a guy is looking for a sugar baby, it’s always best to be transparent and upfront about the expectations. That is why we encourage that all our members update their profiles select their preferences.