The safety of our members is paramount. We want to create an environment where our members can meet genuine men or women that they desire without worry.

We encourage our users to verify their profiles and prove their authenticity by uploading a verification video for our staff to review and approve.

To begin, record a video of yourself using your computer’s webcam or with your mobile phone.

In this short video, look into the camera and say Be My Secret Babe.

Then go to your user profile, and select the Videos tab.

Then click on Upload Videos button to open the Video Upload dialogue box, as seen below.

Click on the Select Video button and select the short video you have just created. MP4 files are preferred however other formats such as .MOV are accepted too.

After selecting the video, make sure you have chosen “Verification Video” in the “Set the privacy” drop-down.

Then click on “Begin Upload” and wait for your video to be uploaded and processed.

After uploading the verification video you will have to wait until our staff review your video and verify your profile. This is normally done within a few hours. Before your profile is verified you can replace your verification video by uploading a video again. Once your profile is verified you will not see the “Verification Video” option in the “Set the privacy” drop-down.